Stay with a salt treatment good for the respiratory system

  • Pakiety
  • Breakfast and Dinner

We invite people who want to combine relaxation with improving their health to come to the treatment. The treatment is intended to improve the health of a person with chronic inflammation of the respiratory system.

Treatment with a brine aerosol also treats respiratory and skin allergies, thyroid diseases, hypertension, vegetative neuroses, general exhaustion. This treatment is recommended both to people in the period of convalescence after a serious illness, and to healthy people as a strengthening of immunity. Such treatments should be used by city dwellers, people working in high dust and high temperatures, people working with the voice (i.e. teachers, singers, telephone operators).

Indications for treatment are:

Bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, chronic inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, coronary artery disease, heart failure, pre-infarction states, stenocardia, hypotonia, hypertonia, osteoporosis, allergies, rheumatism, hypothyroidism, overweight, diabetes, neurosis, fatigue, rhinitis, sinusitis.

The microclimate of the salt cave at the Hotel Polaris:

  • improves lung ventilation, intensifies gas metabolism, has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic, anti-broncholytic properties;
  • reduces fatigue, has a calming and anti-stress effect;
  • lowers blood pressure, increases hemoglobin content, restores acid-base balance.

    During our week-long stay we planned:
  • Buffet breakfast between 8.00-11.00 
  • Buffet dinner from 17.00-19.00
  • 10 treatments in the salt cave.

The cave is equipped with a graduation tower and a brine steam generator. The price includes the use of the swimming pool, excluding breaks for water gymnastics. The price also includes the use of the steam sauna or jacuzzi.

Hotel nie zwraca przedpłat w wysokości 30% w przypadku anulacji na 14 dni lub mniej. Hotel potrąca za 1 dobę hotelową w przypadku anulacji rezerwacji na 30 -14 dni przed planowanym przyjazdem. Hotel zwraca przedpłatę w całości jeżeli anulacja nastąpiła wcześniej niż 30 dni przed terminem przyjazdu.